Mumbai Thoughts >> I love the diversity of Mumbai : Manish M.    |    I hate the non provision for cyclists in Mumbai ☹ : Asheen A.    |    I hate the corruption of Mumbai ☹ : Arjun M.    |    I love the speed of Mumbai : Pratik C.    |    I love the night life of Mumbai : Satish    |    I love the colonial areas of Mumbai : Milesh S.    |    I hate the crowded trains of Mumbai ☹ : Raza A.    |    I hate the sense of filth in Mumbai ☹ : Sunishi G.    |    I love the sea in Mumbai : Pradeep M.    |    I hate the stressfull life of Mumbai ☹ : Srinibas P.    |    I hate the unnecessary honking on the streets of Mumbai ☹ : Krupa T.    |    I love that people from different cultures live and work together in Mumbai : Saurabh K.    |    I hate the unclean nature of Mumbai ☹ : Sarit P.    |    I love the beach of Mumbai : Irsad S.    |    I love the traditions of Mumbai : Dhaval C.    |    I hate that Mumbai is pedestrian unfriendly ☹ : Milesh S.    |    I hate the uncleanliness of Mumbai ☹ : Devanshu    |    I love the good educational facilities of Mumbai : Stanlay B.    |    I love the street food of Mumbai : Jessica N.    |    I love that Mumbai always stand united : Aarti G.    |    I love the sea-link in Mumbai : Abhijit    |    I hate the lack of gardens in Mumbai ☹ : Madhu G.    |    I hate the behaviour of government people in Mumbai ☹ : Milan N.    |    I love that Mumbai is a safe place for women : Madhu G.    |    I love the great restaurants of Mumbai : Radhika P.    |    I hate the long time of commuting in Mumbai ☹ : Radhika P.    |    I love the honestly of daba walas in Mumbai : Kiran M.    |    I love sunset at beach in Mumbai : Jayant V.    |    I love vada pav in Mumbai : Priyesh Y.    |    I hate the poorly maintained heritage buildings of Mumbai ☹ : Krupa T.    |    I hate the dirt of Mumbai ☹ : Aditi R.    |    I love that there is so many things to for entertainment in Mumbai : Saurabh K.    |    I love that Mumbai is a city of dreams : Yogita S.    |    I love that Mumbai is a financial innovation capital : Jimmy P.    |    I love that Mumbai is being the financial capital of India : Sanjay B.    |    I hate the transportation system of Mumbai ☹ : Aarti G.    |    I love that it never gets too cold in Mumbai : Kshipra L.    |    I love that Mumbai is home to so many people and cultures : Arjun M.    |    I hate the dirty beaches of Mumbai ☹ : Priyesh Y.    |    I love the inclusive nature of Mumbaikars : Sunishi G.    |    I hate the extremely high cost of living of Mumbai ☹ : Piyush R.    |    I hate the noise in Mumbai ☹ : Pradeep M.    |    I hate the lack of recreational areas in Mumbai ☹ : Tehsin L.    |    I hate that people are not following traffic rules in Mumbai ☹ : Komal S.    |    I love the vibrant life of Mumbai : Afrid W.    |    I love the fast life of Mumbai : Manpreet    |    I love the cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai : Sarit P.    |    I hate dirty politics of Mumbai ☹ : Imran S.    |    I love the cultural diversity of Mumbai : Cherylann M.    |    I love Mumbai coastline : Hitesh K.    |    I hate the inadequate public transport infrastructures of Mumbai ☹ : Saurabh K.    |    I love the holy songs singing in the train in Mumbai : Abhijit    |    I love the social life of Mumbai : Lester M.    |    I hate the roads potholes of Mumbai ☹ : Arjun M.    |    I hate to see homeless people in Mumbai ☹ : Lester M.    |    I love the liveliness of Mumbai : Sanjay B.    |    I hate the lack of ecofriendliness of Mumbai ☹ : Manpreet    |    I love that Mumbai knowshow to welcome festival : Aarti G.    |    I love the culture opportunities of Mumbai : Dupa P.    |    I love the festival in Mumbai : Abhijit    |    I hate the price of real-estate in Mumbai ☹ : Cherylann M.    |    I love the safety of Mumbai : Radhika P.    |    I love the better employment opportunities of Mumbai : Raza A.    |    I love the old British colonial architecture of Mumbai : Krupa T.    |    I hate the lack of open spaces in Mumbai ☹ : Anthony D.    |    I hate the lack of proper urban planning in Mumbai ☹ : Manpreet    |    I hate the noise pollution of Mumbai ☹ : Radhika P.    |    I love that Mumbai never sleeps : Rashair C.    |    I love the Neo Gothic structures of Mumbai : Faiyar S.    |    I love the nightlife of Mumbai : Aditi R.    |    I hate the poor drainage system of Mumbai ☹ : Irsad S.    |    I hate the infrastructures of Mumbai ☹ : Rashair C.    |    I love Marine Drive in Mumbai : Krupa T.    |    I hate the dirt of Mumbai ☹ : Madhu G.    |    I love that Mumbai is a land of opportunities : Madhu G.    |    I love the helpfull population of Mumbai : Riddhi S.    |    I hate the bad civic amenities of Mumbai ☹ : Afrid W.    |    I love the vibes of Mumbai : Devanshu    |    I hate the lack of nature in Mumbai ☹ : Brinda M.    |    

About Us


Mumbai, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is a culturally diverse, buzzing mass of energy. With local trains, dhobi ghats, dabbawalas, Ganpati Visarjans, Bollywood, the Bombay Stock Exchange and countless other experiences, India’s biggest metropolitan area has a vibrancy and spirit, like no other.

The low ranking of Mumbai on the UN Happiness Index, revealing the disappointment and the level of unhappiness amongst Mumbaikars, exemplifies the importance of Big Happy City. BHC is a forum that collaborates with corporators, commissioners, and BMC representatives to ensure they are striving to make Mumbai a Big Happy City and, more importantly, we encourage citizens to get involved and help with existing problems.
As citizens of Mumbai, we have a right to expect solutions for various issues by our elected and appointed representatives. However, it is time we play our part and contribute to making Mumbai a Big Happy City. With a mission to inculcate a habit amongst our citizens and youth to not merely wait for a pothole to be fixed, but to help that elderly lady cross a road filled with potholes until our politicians begin to take appropriate actions.
BHC will host stories that inspire you, motivate you, and capture the essence of this energetic city. It will showcase everything from acts of kindness that make a big impact to all things Mumbai, and will be a platform for Mumbaikars to voice their problems and opinions, and reach solutions.
We urge you to perform a small act of kindness, while we sort out the big stuff with the big folks. Follow the simple mantra of Do Good and Be Good. Sign up to make Mumbai happy again – one good deed at a time!

Our Goal

Our purpose is to spread joy for the citizens - by the citizens. In a city with people that are constantly on the go - Big Happy City urges citizens to pause, look around and help build a community and get to know each other, thus making Mumbai a Big Happy City. Big Happy City will: