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Mumbai News

5g In India?

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio has collaborated with electronics giant Samsung to further improve its quality of LTE (4G) services in India, including wider coverage and revved-up network speeds.

The joint project, I&G (Infill & Growth) Project, was established to upgrade current LTE mobile communication services across India by expanding both the current network capacity as well as network coverage. Utilising spectrum in the 850, 1800 and 2300 MHz bands, it will enable seamless indoor and outdoor coverage in dense urban areas.


Breakdown Of The Parties

The BMC elections are around the corner and everyone is getting their voter's IDs ready to be a part of making a difference to Mumbai. Here are the big players in these elections.

Shiv Sena Founded by Bal Thackerey, this party, with the election symbol of a bow and arrow pointing upwards, follows the ideology of Hindu Nationalism. It is a far-right party with Uddhav Thackerey as the chairperson.


Boss, Get Out And Vote!

Every vote counts!

Look, the BMC elections are taking place on the 21st of February. There are 227 seats up for grabs, and 2,275 candidates (Yes, we said 2,275. You read that right). According to the final list, there are 13 political parties battling it out to fill out these seats. The campaign trail so far has seen major events being hosted and considerable promises being made by the Shiv Sena, Congress, BJP, MNS, NCP, BSP, Samajwadi Party, and Hyderabad-based first-timers AIMIM - but you probably knew all this already, so what does it all mean to you?


Bend It Like Your Working Hours - Flexible Office Timings On Election Day

Are you a concerned citizen who's trying to make the city of dreams a better place? Well, you probably are since you're reading this Big Happy City article. If so, corporate Mumbai may have some good news for you. Because voting is often a day-long errand, you might be gaining flexible hours on Election Day in order for you to conveniently cast your vote without worrying about skipping work. Now, you no longer need to make the choice of either earning your daily wage or participating in the political process and influencing the city's future.


Bmc Fails In The Last Electoral Year 2012-2017

As election season is now upon us, it is important to look back at the last 5 years and remember what we should have held BMC accountable for. Take a look at this list and hope the next 5 years hold more progress and development of the city.
BMC failed in enforcing strict rules towards the "No Selfie Zones" in the city, even after 3 deaths were recorded due to the issue. The civic body declared 16 places in Mumbai as "No Selfie Zones" and put out warning signs. However, they failed to do the least by appointing staff at restricted points or providing lifeguards in case of emergencies.


9 Things Only Mumbaikars Say

When you've lived long enough in a city, it's as if it starts running through your veins like blood. It shapes your personality so much so, that quite unconsciously, you radiate its presence through your walk, your talk and your behaviour. Well, Mumbai has its own individuality and when you're part of the crowd, you're just too used to its eccentricities. We've decided to highlight a few of them for you and show you, that being part of Mumbai is just as fun as it is a matter of great pride!

Pani Kum:
Here's the 'Mumbaiya' version of what you call someone who's just not cool enough, or doesn't carry his image off too well. So the next time you find someone who's just not sparkling with the right vibe, you've got the right word for him, Pani Kum!!


Breaking It Down: How To Apply For An Aadhar Card

Documentation is imperative for those individuals that form the present day 21st Century society. With the modernisation and digitisation, it is essential for citizens to own appropriate documentation that validates their citizenship in the country. The 'Aadhar Card' campaign is one such initiative taken up by the government of India, to ensure validation of every citizen of the country, without any hassles or difficulties. If you've not already sorted your papers out and have been struggling with the procedures, make sure you apply for your Unique Identity Cards right now, in order to receive all due benefits from the government.

'The Aadhar Card', is a drive, initiated by the Government in 2009, to collect the biometric and demographic validation of citizens, and issue a 12 digit Unique Identity Number which is referred to as "Aadhar".


Breaking It Down: How To Open A Bank Account In Mumbai

After the whole demonetisation fiasco, it's evident just how important a bank account really is. Though India's economy is largely cash-based, bank accounts make it safer and more convenient to save money and complete transactions. Whether you're a student opening your first account, or a senior citizen finally recognising the value of one, Big Happy City shows you just how easy it is to start.

A quick internet search will show you the most popular banks in India. Log on to their websites and have a look at their offerings. Most private banks remain competitive, and so their services are likely to be similar.


Breaking It Down: How To Apply For A Pan Card

A Pan Card is a Government authorised identity required for any citizen to pay taxes or to perform any transaction that requires the use of PAN information. It is one of the most important identification document that is indispensable for all bank deposits, insurance or mutual fund purchases. Over the years, applying for the Pan Card has grown into a hassle free and extremely simple two step process that includes application for the PAN Number by filling a form and consequent dispatch by the Income Tax Department. Applications may be made, both online and offline. PAN Card Applications are furnished by The NDSL and UTIITSL as the primary agencies, while there are district level agencies appointed by the Income Tax Department responsible for acceptance of PAN Card applications.


Breaking It Down: Applying For A Passport In Mumbai

A passport is one of the most convenient and multi-purpose documents issued by the Government of India. Not only does it ensure smooth immigration and travel to foreign countries but it also helps in representing a country on a global platform.

Where you need to go?

The city of Mumbai has 3 Passport Seva Kendra's (PSK)
* PSK Andheri
* PSK Lower Parel
* PSK Malad

Things to keep in mind before applying:
* A minor can present address proof documents in the name of the parents and/or guardians
* An annexure H must be provided for the passport application of a minor


Breaking It Down: How To Apply For A Voter Id In Mumbai

Proud to be an India? Take pride in voting too. The rights of voting need to be considered as an honour and carried out with zeal to respect the history of a country. Every vote counts as a hope of refreshment and a positive agent to change. Lead the change you ask for, register to vote for the upcoming elections.

Types of applications:
* Online, offline and semi online method

What you need to take along?
* Address proof
Ex. Electricity bill/ Passport/ Ration Cards

* Age Proof
Ex. Birth Certificate/ Driving License/ Aadhar Card


What Can The Youth Do To Help Mumbai Progress?

Mumbai, the city of dreams, has an abundance of things that it offers to the youth. In turn, the youth can do a lot of things to help their city progress.


Predictions And Rumours About 2017

Let's give you a teaser of what 2017 holds for all Mumbaikars.

Student elections are finally going to return to Mumbai after twenty years of remaining under a ban. As a result of the regular spurts of violence that were witnessed through the election process, student elections were assumed to take the backseat for a long period of time. Now, after several years, efforts are being made to to reinstate student elections observing strict norms and behavioural codes.


42 Things That Went Through My Mind While Watching The 42k Marathon

1. Honestly why am I up so early in the morning.

2. Oh wait it's a part of my job to do this.

3. Why does one choose to torture themselves like this?

4. I would never consider doing this.

5. Or should I be?

6. I would probably last a strong 5 minutes.

7. No I can't do that, I have a reputation to maintain.

8. I came first in the one and only 100m race I ran in the 8th grade.


The Single Women's Guide To Housing In Mumbai

Finding an apartment in the Mumbai is difficult for women as the male-dominated real estate market holds misconceived stereotypes that prevent them from achieving real independence. Big Happy City shows you how to navigate the daunting task of housing in Mumbai, one problem at a time.

Information and Listings
Rental websites are great resources, but are rarely effective when looking for authentic spaces.


Formula To A Big Happy City

Formulas are well thought out derivatives, providing a standard template to assist us with problem-solving. Here is to sharing our sure-shot formula to help make Mumbai the big happy city that we've dreamt of. Surely, this is not a one man job and we need your help to bring about a change in attitude, to fulfil our responsibilities as Mumbaikars. We could either look at the magnitude of problems that we face and feel disheartened and dismal, or gear up and make a fresh start - being a part of the change.


Mumbai Bungalow With Secret History Up For Sale

A historic bungalow in Mumbai, which formerly functioned as a secret hideout for freedom fighters during the Colonial rule, has been gathering interest from various parties desiring to purchase the prized asset. The bungalow which saw frequent visits from the likes of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, is presently up for sale in the market. Laxmi Nivas, the legacy bungalow, owned by the same family for over a century is attracting


Mumbai Brothers Become Billionaires After Chinese Buyout

The global mergers and acquisitions market was sent into a flurry when Google acquired AdMob for $750 million and Twitter purchase MoPub for $350 million. Now the world is witnessing a similar turbulence, with the $900 million buyout of an advertising technology startup, to Chinese investors. Our pride lies in the fact that the two promoters are Mumbai-boys!


Mumbai - Drone Free For October

Mumbai has been declared as a high alert zone, as a result of the recent developments in Kashmir and the ongoing festive seasons. Owing to the current affairs of the state, Mumbai has declared itself as a no-flying and no-gliding zone for paragliders, drones and micro-light aircrafts to prevent any threat from the skies


Mumbai Tops Maharashtra Crime Charts

A recent report conducted on the crime rates and level of security in major cities in Maharashtra has revealed Mumbai to be on top of the Maharashtra crime charts, but not as the most dangerous city in the state. Contrary to popular belief, crime rates are calculated per lakh people of any population, leaving the distinction of this award to Nagpur whose crime rate is 407 instances per crime per lakh population.


Your Cheap Guide To A Fabulous Day In Mumbai

"Mumbai" tends to create a rather vivid image of lots of BEST Buses, vendors, beggars, cars honking and an insane number of buildings packing the streets. Whether you've personally been to the city or not, or you've heard of it over conversation. Once you've visited Mumbai, you're most likely to let yourself loose and have the best time of your life. And you don't have to own a fancy Porsche and have a pocket full of dollars to feel 'The Bombay Vibe'.


Woman Gets Treated For Bad Gallbladder In Mumbai Hospital Despite Not Having One

Amongst all the rare and bizarre occurrences in the city of Mumbai is story of German national Teresa Poehlmann. Ms. Poehlmann issued a complaint with the Maharashtra Medical Council with the issue of wrongful treatment. When she felt acute pain in her abdominal region, she admitted herself into the Holy Family Hospital, Bandra to conduct some tests.

The not-so-comical matter is best explained in Teresa Poehlmann’s words-


Ola Vs. Uber: The Battle Intesifies

Earlier this year, one of the hottest startup competitions within continental Asia ceased fire, with Uber and Didi Chxxnxg (Didi) calling for a truce, before announcing a merger. While this battle represented one of the most intense fights Uber was waging in Asia, the other notable battle is one with Ola in India. With their attention turned away from the Chinese market (thanks to their merger), the question that arises is: What's next for Uber in India?


Kala Ghoda To Finally Get A New Black Horse

For years now, I have wondered how the precinct of Kala Ghoda got its name. A few days ago, though, I found out its origin story. The area was named after a statue of King Edward VII that stood in the central square of the city's art district. The statue, a relic of a colonial past, has long since been moved to the Byculla Zoo, and the road is now called Mahatma Gandhi Road. King Edward, in this statue, was abode a magnificent black stallion


India Unveils The World's Largest Solar Power Plant

It is no secret that Prime Minister Modi has a huge inclination towards the renewable energy agenda, and recently they have released a statement saying that they plan to build the world's largest solar power plant in pursuit of this agenda. The images released of the plant in South India reveal its sheer size and magnitude. The plant will be in the city of Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu and will have a capacity of approximately 650 Mw of power, covering an area of 10 square kilometers


Mumbai Police Now Have Eyes All Over The City: Under The Watch Of Cctv Surveillance

Earlier this year, the State Government of Maharashtra announced that the city of Mumbai would be under the eyes of closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) surveillance systems. On Sunday, October 02, 2016, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the city-wide CCTV surveillance system in Mumbai.

The State Government of Maharashtra has installed a total of 4,717 CCTV cameras


Flipkart Seeking Investment Banking Help To Raise Fresh Funds

India seems to an active battleground for startups both domestic and international. With the on-going battle between Ola and Uber, another high profile competition is taking place between Flipkart and Amazon. Amidst the growing cash infusion by Amazon India’s parent company, Flipkart finds itself in need of fresh funds to maintain competitiveness. The problem with this is a growing downturn in investor sentiment, with companies being actively devalued


Does Demonitization Spell The End Of The Indian Real Estate Bubble?

In case you have been stuck under a rock or completely disconnected from the outside world, it should be mentioned that the Indian Government recently demonetized old currency notes of Rs. 500 and 1000 only to replace the same with new Rs. 500 and 2000 notes. In his announcements, Prime Minister Modi said that this move was made in the effort to limit the influence of black money on the Indian economy and eliminate counterfeit notes.


How A Cab Driver At Mumbai Airport Conned Fliers

A cab driver in Mumbai was recently apprehended for cheating customers. The driver would ask the passenger to give him change for a Rs. 1000 note, and on receiving two Rs. 500 bills, he would use the 'slight of hand' method, to replace the Rs. 500 notes with Rs. 100 notes. He would thus extract more money from the inattentive customers. The crime was brought to light after a passenger named Priyank Bhala came forward, and registered a case with the police.


How A 23 Year Old Mumbai Boy Conned The Americans

Who doesn’t love to hear the story of a good con? Especially when it goes terribly wrong. This is the very stuff movie producers thrive on! Things seemed to be going so well for Sagar 'Shaggy' Thakkar, who ended up netting a total of Rs. 500 crores using his shrewd schemes and manipulation. The above mentioned scam was conducted in and through a Mira Road call centre, which was recently busted, sending the conman extraordinaire into hiding, with a well deserved encore.


Meet The Man Who Saved 50 Lives

Everyone wants to make it big, live luxuriously and find their own happiness. What if this happiness meant sacrificing your own well built career, and trying to save the lives of absolute strangers? It certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea. One wouldn't want to give away a settled life for something unpredictable, which doesn't generate enough money nor does it entail any fame or popularity.


Mumbai Has Highest Car Density In India

No matter who you are, how rich you are or how much power you have; if you have lived in Mumbai, you are bound to have been stuck in traffic at one time or another! Ever wondered about the number of cars that are driven on the Mumbai roads, given that the population of the city is estimated to reach 25 million. Recent statistics from the transport ministries gives us an insight into exactly that. Recent reports state that Mumbai


Four Held In Mumbai After Robbing Jeweller Or Rs. 187 Crore Gold

Recently, a jeweller from Pydhonie, in Mumbai, was robbed of Rs. 187 crore of gold, by five assailants, near Sandhur Road. According to the reports, four of these people have already been arrested and the police are in pursuit of the fifth assailant.


Move Over Freedom 251 The Champ-one C1 Is Here

The Freedom 251 smartphone is one of the most talked about smartphones in the market to launch. The USP is: the Rs. 251 price point, causing consumers all over the country run into a frenzy to buy this specific phone. Unfortunately, the unique concept was mimicked by Docross X1, which soon followed with a smartphone for just Rs. 99, making the Freedom 251 lose its "world's cheapest smartphone," tag. However, there appears to be a new entrant into the market with an offering of a smartphone for just Rs. 501: Champ1India.


Iconic Landmarks In Mumbai

Whenever you hear the name 'Mumbai' or view pictures of it, a distinct image of a rapid paced existence comes to mind. The emergence of the internet and all the information available on it in, has managed to convince the world of the glory of Mumbai (not just the side shown by Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire). There are hundreds of landmarks sprawled across the Maximum City, which have amassed cult following as 'must see' venues for tourists in the city. Below you will find, (in our opinion) the top landmarks to visit in Mumbai!