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Formula To A Big Happy City

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  • BHC Team

Formulas are well thought out derivatives, providing a standard template to assist us with problem-solving. Here is to sharing our sure-shot formula to help make Mumbai the big happy city that we've dreamt of. Surely, this is not a one man job and we need your help to bring about a change in attitude, to fulfil our responsibilities as Mumbaikars. We could either look at the magnitude of problems that we face and feel disheartened and dismal, or gear up and make a fresh start - being a part of the change. With a smile on our faces and a can-do attitude, anything is possible.

Here's our list, our own little formula, to make Mumbai a better, brighter and a happier city!

Take part in our #100KSmiles Challenge:
Find yourself that one person, who needs your help, every day! Ever looked into the eyes of that old lady living in your building? Or that dog who turns to you every morning for a little piece of bread? Ever noticed your house maid who cleans your room everyday, not just because of her salary but because she cares? Or the driver, who not only does his job but makes every effort to also be your friend? Well, thats what we're talking about. Why wait? Take a moment and repay them - make them smile! Lend them a hand, hand them a little token, share a joke. Let them know that they are appreciated, in any way. Just a small gesture and you will win their hearts. Do #ARandomActOfKindness, bring a smile to somebody's face and share it on social media, nominating your friends to take up the challenge too.

Take a moment, breathe:
Take a break, not from the city, but from your troubles and give that time, not to yourself at the spa, but to your loved ones! Forget the hustle bustle that crowds your thoughts, your mind and your life, each day. Switch off your phones, grab your favourite movie and sit with that special someone, just give them what they really long for, YOU! They may not say it, they may not utter a word, but they need it, and its for

you to try, take that extra step, just so they know, that you actually do care! Pamper your relationships, pamper your friends, pamper your family, give them the best few hours that you can, just so they know that somewhere, deep down, they matter to you.

Search for the positives:
Have you ever noticed that we spend most of our time complaining, criticising and condemning everything about our country and our city, all the time? But, what about actually trying the converse, what about starting the day with thinking of all those things that actually make us grateful for being a part of this city? What about all those little things we take for granted every single day. How about a change of attitude? Can we try and start every single day realising that there are several things that this country grants us, which we've overlooked.

Volunteer. Anytime, anywhere:
It doesn't have to be at particular place or time. Whether its planting a tree in the locality, or helping an animal that lives on the street. Whether its feeding the crow that flies to your window each morning, or enjoying the company of your building dog. Find an old age home or orphanage close to you, take the initiative to visit and spend some time there. You will be surprised what a difference just an hour of your time can make. Step out of your room - out of your comfort zone - and help clean up your locality. That's where it all starts, the baby steps, that's how you become the change!

Change your attitude:
No matter, what you do or who you are, to change the city and to change this world, it is your attitude that makes all the difference, pushing you that much closer to making Mumbai a happier place. The 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil' mantra does not work here. Stand up for things, be the change, take the initiative, be kind, be compassionate, be strong, and we guarantee that you will be happier.

Big Happy City, gives you a platform to voice your opinion, share your complaints and tell us how we can help make Mumbai a happier city for

you. Help us understand you and your needs better. Get involved and be a part of the change - amaking Mumbai a little happier, every single day.