Mumbai Thoughts >> I hate the unnecessary honking on the streets of Mumbai ☹ : Krupa T.    |    I hate the long time of commuting in Mumbai ☹ : Radhika P.    |    I love the better employment opportunities of Mumbai : Raza A.    |    I love the vibes of Mumbai : Devanshu    |    I love that Mumbai never sleeps : Rashair C.    |    I love the culture opportunities of Mumbai : Dupa P.    |    I love that people from different cultures live and work together in Mumbai : Saurabh K.    |    I hate the non provision for cyclists in Mumbai ☹ : Asheen A.    |    I love that there is so many things to for entertainment in Mumbai : Saurabh K.    |    I hate dirty politics of Mumbai ☹ : Imran S.    |    I hate the lack of open spaces in Mumbai ☹ : Anthony D.    |    I love the festival in Mumbai : Abhijit    |    I love the honestly of daba walas in Mumbai : Kiran M.    |    I love that Mumbai is a financial innovation capital : Jimmy P.    |    I hate the lack of proper urban planning in Mumbai ☹ : Manpreet    |    I love the great restaurants of Mumbai : Radhika P.    |    I hate the roads potholes of Mumbai ☹ : Arjun M.    |    I love the helpfull population of Mumbai : Riddhi S.    |    I hate the infrastructures of Mumbai ☹ : Rashair C.    |    I hate the poor drainage system of Mumbai ☹ : Irsad S.    |    I hate that Mumbai is pedestrian unfriendly ☹ : Milesh S.    |    I hate the crowded trains of Mumbai ☹ : Raza A.    |    I love the fast life of Mumbai : Manpreet    |    I hate the corruption of Mumbai ☹ : Arjun M.    |    I love the sea-link in Mumbai : Abhijit    |    I hate the unclean nature of Mumbai ☹ : Sarit P.    |    I love the street food of Mumbai : Jessica N.    |    I love the diversity of Mumbai : Manish M.    |    I love the traditions of Mumbai : Dhaval C.    |    I love that Mumbai is a city of dreams : Yogita S.    |    I love that Mumbai is a land of opportunities : Madhu G.    |    I love that Mumbai knowshow to welcome festival : Aarti G.    |    I hate the sense of filth in Mumbai ☹ : Sunishi G.    |    I hate the lack of recreational areas in Mumbai ☹ : Tehsin L.    |    I love that Mumbai is home to so many people and cultures : Arjun M.    |    I hate the lack of gardens in Mumbai ☹ : Madhu G.    |    I love the liveliness of Mumbai : Sanjay B.    |    I hate the lack of nature in Mumbai ☹ : Brinda M.    |    I hate the poorly maintained heritage buildings of Mumbai ☹ : Krupa T.    |    I love the sea in Mumbai : Pradeep M.    |    I hate the bad civic amenities of Mumbai ☹ : Afrid W.    |    I hate the inadequate public transport infrastructures of Mumbai ☹ : Saurabh K.    |    I hate the dirt of Mumbai ☹ : Madhu G.    |    I hate the uncleanliness of Mumbai ☹ : Devanshu    |    I love the colonial areas of Mumbai : Milesh S.    |    I hate that people are not following traffic rules in Mumbai ☹ : Komal S.    |    I love the night life of Mumbai : Satish    |    I love Marine Drive in Mumbai : Krupa T.    |    I hate to see homeless people in Mumbai ☹ : Lester M.    |    I love vada pav in Mumbai : Priyesh Y.    |    I love the Neo Gothic structures of Mumbai : Faiyar S.    |    I hate the behaviour of government people in Mumbai ☹ : Milan N.    |    I hate the stressfull life of Mumbai ☹ : Srinibas P.    |    I love the old British colonial architecture of Mumbai : Krupa T.    |    I love the safety of Mumbai : Radhika P.    |    I love the cultural diversity of Mumbai : Cherylann M.    |    I love the social life of Mumbai : Lester M.    |    I hate the dirty beaches of Mumbai ☹ : Priyesh Y.    |    I hate the price of real-estate in Mumbai ☹ : Cherylann M.    |    I hate the noise in Mumbai ☹ : Pradeep M.    |    I love Mumbai coastline : Hitesh K.    |    I love the nightlife of Mumbai : Aditi R.    |    I hate the extremely high cost of living of Mumbai ☹ : Piyush R.    |    I love that Mumbai always stand united : Aarti G.    |    I love the good educational facilities of Mumbai : Stanlay B.    |    I hate the lack of ecofriendliness of Mumbai ☹ : Manpreet    |    I love the beach of Mumbai : Irsad S.    |    I love the holy songs singing in the train in Mumbai : Abhijit    |    I love sunset at beach in Mumbai : Jayant V.    |    I hate the noise pollution of Mumbai ☹ : Radhika P.    |    I love the speed of Mumbai : Pratik C.    |    I love the inclusive nature of Mumbaikars : Sunishi G.    |    I love the cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai : Sarit P.    |    I hate the dirt of Mumbai ☹ : Aditi R.    |    I love that Mumbai is being the financial capital of India : Sanjay B.    |    I love the vibrant life of Mumbai : Afrid W.    |    I love that Mumbai is a safe place for women : Madhu G.    |    I love that it never gets too cold in Mumbai : Kshipra L.    |    I hate the transportation system of Mumbai ☹ : Aarti G.    |    

What does happiness mean to you?

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  • BHC Team

Happiness is a word, which has as many meanings as the number of people that use it. Everyday, we wake up, hoping to find our share of 'happiness' in this world.

Remember when you would enjoy a cup of tea with your neighbor? Or those mornings you read the newspaper while you lounged on your porch? No? Don't worry, most people today don't.

We are so enticed by the continuous advancement in technology and the hustle and bustle that defines each day, that we have forgotten how to take a moment and breathe. To enjoy the tiniest pleasures that are sprinkled through even the busiest day, and to appreciate moments and experiences over materialistic things. It doesn't require much to slow down and take it all in, but somehow it feels like you're being asked for the moon.

India ranks 118 on the United Nation's happiness index, with Mumbai, the city where dreams are meant to come true, being the second unhappiest city in India. Big Happy City is an initiative that is dedicated to working tirelessly to help change these figures. It is easy today, to become a Smart City, but being a happy city takes a lot more effort, will power and sincerity. In order to achieve utmost happiness and satisfaction, we must understand our potential as a truly happier city, getting involved and making a conscious effort to actualize this dream.

Mumbai is a city, thriving with youth, ambitions, resilience, struggle and tenacity. We witness lives infused with hopes, desires, and aspirations, looking for an opportunity to blossom to the highest potential. Men, women and children alike, meet each day with a renewed vigor to find their way through the madness that is Mumbai.

Despite all the progress that Mumbai has seen over the last decade, why is it that happiness seems like a surreal vision, awaiting its own appearance? The team at Big Happy City is here to grant you the fulfilment of that very possibility. However, it cannot be realized without the conscious, and dedicated effort from each one of us and you - taking baby steps that lead us towards becoming an infinitely happier place to live, work and thrive.

We strive to making Mumbaikars more aware about the workings of the system to ensure that your woes/ problems are solved more efficiently. We cannot promise that there will always be 100% success rate, but with your help and involvement, we can proudly guarantee that we will work towards getting more done, that has been done in the past.

So, tell us, what does happiness mean to you?