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Four Held In Mumbai After Robbing Jeweller Or Rs. 187 Crore Gold

  • 12 Dec, 2016 |
  • BHC Team

Recently, a jeweller from Pydhonie, in Mumbai, was robbed of Rs. 187 crore of gold, by five assailants, near Sandhur Road. According to the reports, four of these people have already been arrested and the police are in pursuit of the fifth assailant.

The Mumbai Police report states that they have been successful in recovering about 58 Mangalsutras, 20 necklaces, 20 earrings, and one big necklace. The collective value of the findings is approximated at Rs. 45 lakhs. The report also states that there were more individuals involved in the robbery. Three of these have still not been located. The arrested men have been identified as Shahnawaz Khan (22), Praful Gaikwad (36), Jahangir Shaikh (27) and Ratan Singh.

A police officer said that the key conspirator who is on the run, has a history of crime. "He was reportedly involved in a theft case prior to the aforesaid. The officer in charge explained that the case was solved through an operation carried out by the collaborated effort by teams from the city police and crime branch. Police officers Nandkumar Gopale and Raju Nikam along with officers from the Pydhonie police station stated that the offenders were located around the Bandra Railway Terminus where they planned the entire theft with precision.

"We recovered the booty from Gaikwad's Mira Road residence. Gaikwad was entrusted with the responsibility of safekeeping the booty. According to their plan, he was to sell the booty and share the spoils with the rest of the gang," said an officer.

At around 10.30 pm, the victim, Mr Mukesh Sanghvi, a 46 year old jeweller and resident of Mumbai, caught a taxi from Pydhonie to travel to CST, in order to catch a train to Varanasi. He was accompanied by his nephew, Ankit. On Sandhurst Road Railway station, they were apprehended by four men on two bikes. The gang snatched the gold that Sanghvi was carrying in his bag and then went on to rob his gold chains. The robbery was conducted when Mr. Sanghvi stopped the taxi to use a public restroom.

According to the statement made by the police the four assailants, after robbing the gold, assembled at Koparkhairane, where one of the criminals resided. They went on to split the loot amongst themselves, and then decided to part ways.

The efficiency and the determination of the Mumbai Police was displayed with utmost ease through this successful operation. Despite their ostracised reputation, the Mumbai Police has proved their worthiness by capturing the accused. However it remains an unsolved mystery whether the Mumbai Police will succeed in catching the rest of the assailants and help Mr. Mukesh Sanghvi retrieve his rightful belongings.